Vol.6 Surgeon, Kyoko

ヘルメットフェチ ヘルメットフェチ


Performers beauty soothing feeling that unfussy 21-year-old. It was a shot simultaneously with vol.7.
Challenge to the double role one person in the video. And I adopted a surgical gown set that is used in the medical field actually.
We also returned to the studio narrow the time before, but please enjoy the new attempt.


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Vol.6 surgeon, Kyoko Movie 2400YEN


マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ ヘルメットフェチ


That the concept of this work that put as long as possible as little as possible of the mask type .

Gauze mask , Unitech mask is centered on the surgical mask center this time . EVA mask and Chinese-made mask used until now would not appear this time .
I got to play a double role in one person 's speaker as the first of its kind in the story ed . I also was incorporated into the dialogue as much as possible the medical terminology at the time of surgery that are actually used in pursuit of reality in the scene of surgery .
I also have used the goggles and surgical gown set that is used in the medical field actually . But it is questionable how far Which one was able to express the reality is in a state special instrument also in no small studio ,
Mr. Speaker also showed me the hard work while acting for the first time . You have a lot of scenes that are talking about the lines as much as possible and eliminate the models walk there was previous work . It is a tour de force which I made over a period of time and effort in proportion to the length of the work .
Paper reading in four double mask + goggles is breathtaking wearing a surgical gown in the second half .

※ It is the mask fairly strong sense of restraint that is used, for example, food companies and Unitech mask . I am using in the state of being worn double the mask this time .

[ Details]

I is divided into challenge arr. for self-introduction knitting and knitting story .

I will start from the exchange of surgeon Kyoko schoolgirl gauze mask and ( Kyoko double role ) in the first story ed .
After the seminar surgeon Kyoko ( double Unitech mask wearing) , I suck electronic cigarettes each Kyoko and high school students to remove the mask .

And scenes of surgery for the first time . It is up to explain the situation to the family of the patient after the surgery go into surgery from talking to the patient .

Next scene the treatment of emergency . Make face-to-face therapy while sitting in a chair .

Next scene that teach using the cloth how to suture the assistant . This is a little longer . Goggles are wearing because it describes a much more clouded breath . You through the hole in the needle with a spit in yarn defeating mask when passed through a needle in the middle thread .

And scene of a second operation . I tried to incorporate the performance you can feel the sense of urgency , such as a scene of heart massage in that emergency operations .

I had a self-introduction with a double mask gauze mask , gauze mask + pleated mask is self-introduction ed .

I tried to wear the double Unitech Taiwan Mask + Mask + race face masks in the knitting challenge , but this failure has no breath indeed . I will read aloud the paper in four double mask double Unitech mask + + gauze mask surgical mask surgical gown remains then . Goggles wearing truly even when this has clouded breath . Komori condition of the voice would be the largest in the past work . Challenge Edition is complete with smoke e- cigarettes remove all mask I wore to last .

I have put the NG Shu impressions of today to last .

マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ マスクフェチ

[Contents] main volume

content 25 minutes

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革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ 革フェチ

On you over time in video production, number of sheets is rather less for the has been carefully selected only favorite photos this time. The scene not in the video to photo book also is available from the. I'm getting the contents of the take photos with photo book dedicated camera all without video capture image this time. (The same scene also includes some simultaneous video and photography)


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